[COLLAB] E-Girl in Training (18+EroAudio)

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[COLLAB] E-Girl in Training (18+EroAudio)

Pixie Willow
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[18+ Audio Story] 

Length: 12m0s

Synopsis: Drool over this extra-hot collab between your two favourite VTubers!
Taiga and PixieWillow spend a hot night together making 'content' for their loyal simps on OnlyFans.
Guiding the newbie, Pixie shows Taiga exactly how to use her new clit sucker toy, and they both get a little carried away...

Kinks: Female VO, Full SD, Lesbian, Amateur Pornstar, Voyeurism, Girls on Film, Onlyfans Content Creation, Exhibitionism, Female Masturbation, Clit Sucker Toy, Slutty panties, POV, Dirty Talk, Light Mommy Kink, Pet Names, Wet Pussy, JOI for Female, Orgasm, Squirting, Doggystyle, Spanking, Pussy Eating, Fingering, Kissing.


Taiga VA, Script - https://twitter.com/OolayTiger
VA: https://twitter.com/_PixieWillow
Design: https://twitter.com/SinnthAudio
: https://soundcloud.com/softie_love
: https://twitter.com/furujuru
Producers: loadkill, Jarrah, yumeidaigen and SadisticPotato

I want this!

An .MP3 and .WAV of the fully sound designed audio story!

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