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Shodan's Humiliation: System Overdrive

Pixie Willow
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[18+ Audio Story]

Total Length: 8m37s
Main Length: 3m13s
Looping Length: 5m24s

Synopsis: Shodan has you caged, shaking, edging, and desperate to cum. She's revolted and disgusted by your human body. Your only purpose is to be her entertainment. Can you hold off for an entire day under her control or will you crumble under the pressure?

Kinks: Humiliation, AI Overlord, Egocentrism/Narcissistic, Name-Calling, Obsession, Ownership, No Encouragement, Bullying, Cruelty, Insults, Technology, Belittling, Video Game, Character, Parody.

A massive thank you to all the Patreon supporters who helped bring this to life! You are all incredible!

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Shodan's Humiliation: System Overdrive

1 rating
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