💙❄️ Crossbreed Priscilla: Her Winter Warmth ❄️💙

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💙❄️ Crossbreed Priscilla: Her Winter Warmth ❄️💙

Pixie Willow
9 ratings

[18+ Audio Story] 

Length: 13m17s

Synopsis: Adventuring has worn you thin, you’re tired, beyond exhausted. Wiping your numb lip, you look up… a portal. Surely it couldn’t hurt to travel through, perhaps there’s another fire on the other side. The winter chill bites at your icy cheeks as you ponder your options. You anxiously step through knowing you’re unable to walk or fight any longer. 

A tall, white, fluffy woman stands before you. Glistening scales adorn her neck. She has a saddened look in her eyes and is staring at you quietly, before she utters “Yet another trespasser into this world…"

Kinks: DarkSouls parody, crossbreed, game characters, winter, public, dragon woman, dragon, foot fetish, foot fucking, her riding, you riding, F4M, fantasy world, fantasy, tall woman, mystical, cold atmosphere, orgasm denial, British, old English, timid.

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