☀️ Cowgirl & The Oxboy - Milking Bonanza! ☀️

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☀️ Cowgirl & The Oxboy - Milking Bonanza! ☀️

Pixie Willow
7 ratings

[18+ Audio Story] 

Length: 6m38s

Synopsis: Bailey goes into her barn to help train her new cow for milking, but it seems there’s been a mix-up. For some reason her cow’s udder gets rock solid and isn’t giving her milk! After a few frustrated minutes, she realizes her cow is in fact a cute Ox and decides to take a taste of his cream for herself… Who could resist?

Kinks: Large-breast, Futanari&M, Anal penetration, Handjob, Mute Character, Ox/Cow play, Shy, Cowgirl, Cumming inside, Loving handling, Eating Cum.

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I want this!
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2 .wav files of the full audio story, one with full VA and the other with just the female VA. BONUS: Script .pdf file now included!

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