☎️ A Secretary's Duty: Episode 1 🗒️🖋️

Pixie Willow
17 ratings

[18+ Audio Story] 

Length: 4m44s

Synopsis: You call your secretary to your office to help with some errands and she ends up skipping her lunch break for a load of your hot, sticky cum instead… A typical, insatiable, slut. It’s clear why you hired her in the first place.

Kinks: Ass to Mouth, F&M, Authority/Power Play, Workplace, First-time Anal, Rough Sex, Free-Use, Butt-Plugs, Cumming in the Throat, Slutty Behaviour, Office-Wear, British Accent, Animalistic Fucking, Clothed Sex.

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A .wav file of the complete audio story with full immersive sound design. Script .pdf file included!

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☎️ A Secretary's Duty: Episode 1 🗒️🖋️

17 ratings
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